Understanding the Gen Z CX in 2023

| Mike Debnar

What sets Gen Z consumers apart from the rest? Plenty. For starters, they have different preferences on loyalty, products and payment methods. Here’s how you should evolve your strategies to capture more insights about — and optimize for — the Gen Z customer experience during the current post-holiday sales period and beyond?

pricing image price tag

Pricing Competitively on Amazon: A Simple Guide

| Arjun Narayan

Having the right price plan for your private label business on Amazon is critical. There is no one-size-fits-all approach since quality, production costs and what your customers want might all differ from those of your rivals. That said, here are a few data-driven methods to help you determine the ideal pricing.

coupon codes Fondue illustration feature

Fondue Looks to Replace Coupon Codes With Cash Back Offers

| Mike O'Brien

Fondue, an Israeli startup that just received $10.5 million in a seed round, is looking to “crush” the prevalent coupon code system and replace it with a cash back program it says is more profitable and higher converting for brands. Shoppers are given options to redeem offers as cash back, as a site credit or as a higher-value gift card.

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Breaking Down the True Cost of Coupon Fraud

| John Helmle

Saying coupon fraud costs the retail industry $100M/year is an oversimplification of the problem. Yes, that is the aggregated face value of mis-redeemed offers, but it doesn’t reflect all of the costs borne by industry players. Here’s a breakdown of how it affects manufacturers, retailers and consumers, and how to mitigate the impact.