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Powering Up Your CPG Ecommerce

| Meagan Bowman

Nothing ever happens in isolation in the world of ecommerce. Yet even the largest CPG and distribution companies still rely on lag analytics and siloed information to get a handle on what’s being sold where, to whom and for how much. A more proactive approach, based on digital transformation, makes all the difference.

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Inventory Management in the Pandemic Era

| Nate Rosier

Inventory management has been anything but simple these days. A global pandemic, labor shortages and product recalls have led to the “bullwhip effect.” Success will require leveraging technology to make critical business decisions, using AI/ML and what-if analysis to create a dynamic, flexible, resilient inventory management strategy.

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Overstocks Today Were Yesterday’s Stockouts

| Jill Liliedahl

When we consider the unpredictability of the last couple of years, overstocks seem a forgivable choice. Retailers who understandably erred on the side of overstocks during the pandemic are now stuck with a mountain of goods they can’t shift. One thing’s for certain: spreadsheets and outdated technology won’t solve the problem.

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Retailers Struggle to Read Consumer Signals for Q4

| Mike O'Brien

Retailers are looking at a major balancing act heading into the holiday season this year, with consumer signals and economic indicators a mixed bag and absolute boatloads of excess inventory, much of it old, to contend with in order to make Q4 a success.

7 Operational Strategies to Remain Competitive and Efficient

| Curt Barry

As you conduct strategic planning for ecommerce fulfillment operations, what are the strategies you should consider to remain competitive and be efficient this year and in the future? This post looks at seven trends that are shaping operations in multichannel companies, including supply chain and workforce issues.

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Inventory Management in 2022: Navigating Disruptions

| Mike O'Brien

This special report from Multichannel Merchant will address how the right tools and technology not only provide greater inventory accuracy and visibility, but help you prioritize and track SKU movement within a facility, among network nodes and in partner channels. It will also cover advanced capabilities as well as must-have systems.

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Supply Chain Insights Create Revenue Enhancement

| Patrick Long

Classic revenue enhancement is defined as selling the right product to the right customer at the right moment and the right price via the right distribution channel with the best efficiency. Let’s explore the importance of incorporating revenue management into a continuous business improvement cycle for the supply chain.

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Walmart Q3 Ecommerce Sales Up 8%, Says Holiday Prep in Good Place

| Mike O'Brien

Walmart reported its ecommerce sales in the U.S. increased 8% in the third quarter, and have gained a total of 87% since the same period in 2019, an incredible jump since pre-pandemic days as the retail giant continues to expand digitally, while declaring itself ready for the holidays.

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Inventory Management: Follow the Metrics

| Brian Barry

Inventory is the largest balance sheet asset in most companies. Optimizing it has a huge impact on profitability and customer service. Here are 6 key metrics every ecommerce company should measure, how to calculate each and how a partnership between fulfillment and merchandising will benefit profitability and efficiency.

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A 6-Step Process for Improved Inventory Management

| Brian Barry

In omnichannel and ecommerce companies, inventory management, including tracking and reserving inventory for orders, is crucial for maximizing sales and improving customer satisfaction. Here is a 6-step process for assessing your inventory systems and developing an action plan for improvement.