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The Future of E-Merchandising: AI and Personalization

| Sam Parnell

The world of e-merchandising, i.e., the art of presenting products and services in an enticing and captivating way online, has evolved significantly over time. Now, the profound impact of significant AI advancements on the future of e-merchandising is becoming increasingly evident. However, data inputs need to be sufficient to realize meaningful insights and harness the power of AI.

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Marketplaces: Avoiding the Ad Death Spiral

| Andrew Yates

For marketplaces that rely on ad revenues, it’s all about conversions. And if you can’t optimize search, listings, ads and promotions on your site, you don’t get conversions. This leads to desperate blasting and promotions that just drives drives users away and kills revenue. Here are 5 steps to help you avoid this dreaded ad death spiral.

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Fashion Brands: Site Search Is Key to Success

| Hamish Ogilvy

Consumers don’t want to sift through pages of product listings; in fact, most aren’t looking to scroll past page two of the search results. Fashion brands and retailers that are best equipped for a fast-paced consumer are those who have enabled high-quality site search.

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Setting Up Product Recommendation Quizzes for Success

| Jan Soerensen

Product recommendation quizzes allow merchants to grasp the holy grail — zero-party data — information that customers intentionally share with you. Shoppers will gladly provide their information when your quiz is helpful and respectful. They won’t if it’s too complex or if it stands in the way of their shopping journey.

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The Future of Ecommerce Personalization is Context-Based

| Ofer Fryman

The traditional approach to personalized product recommendations will almost certainly miss the mark for customers and deliver weak business results. The true measure of effective personalization will be your ability to understand someone’s current contexts, and deliver exactly what they’re looking for in the moment of need.

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Amazon Canning Early Reviewer Program

| Mike O'Brien

Amazon announced it plans to cancel its Early Reviewer program as of April 25, and won’t be taking any new applications as of April 10, as it has found other programs more effective in generating customer reviews, upsetting sellers who had found success with it. Experts however saw Amazon Vine as a superior review generator.

“No Results Found”: Addressing the Site Search Dead End Dilemma

| Dori Salisbury

If an eager shopper comes to your website with a product in mind and high purchase intent, but then hits a “no results found” page, at best they’ll attempt a couple of variations of the term before bailing and heading to a competitor. To avoid this bad scenario, here are some tips to quickly redirect shoppers and give them options.

Kibo Acquires Monetate

| Daniela Forte

Ecommerce technology company Kibo is acquiring brand personalization and content optimization platform, Monetate. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Leveraging Email Personalization to Build Customer Connections

| Daniela Forte

Today’s retailers have to jump through hoops to meet customer expectations and gain their trust and loyalty, and in the age of omnichannel and mobile, email is still one of the most effective ways to do this. Oracle+Bronto along with Smile.io will cover ways merchants can offer a unique customer experience in the upcoming Multichannel Merchant webinar, Use Email to Build and Emotional Connection in 2019, on February 12 at 2 p.m. EST.