How to Select the Right Marketplace for Your Business

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MCM CommerceChat podcast

Selecting the right online marketplace for your ecommerce business is a tough choice. Partnering with the right marketplace holds the greatest potential for success. But which one do you choose?

Retailers thinking about expanding their reach with new customers should look to marketplaces, an increasingly popular way to broaden their audience. But how do you determine which marketplace – or marketplaces – make the most sense given your business objectives? And how do you align all of the moving parts to create a successful marketplace strategy?

In our latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, Dennis Worth, Vice President of Business Development for Seta Corp., discusses best practices in marketplace selection and how his business has benefited, and shares tips on how to make the marketplace adoption process go smoothly.

Worth will be speaking about this topic at greater length at Multichannel Merchant’s virtual event,  Marketplace Summit: Making Your Marketplace Strategy a Success on Aug. 28. Join us to gain insights on how you can make your marketplace strategy a winning one.

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