How Technology Enhances the Customer Experience

Content Manager

In retail today, technology is playing a vital role to offer the best experience for customers. It has enabled retailers to personalize the relationship between the customer and the retailer. Having the right data about the customer gives retailers an opportunity to provide a different shopping experience based off of historical information, whether it’s through navigation or making an actual purchase.

For Boll & Branch, this has been the focus by thinking about who the customer is and what they are looking for.  Using the data at their finger tips the brand has been able to understand how to communicate with the customer throughout the journey.   The data the company has collected has let them take the pieces it needs to do better moving forward.

In our latest MCM CommerceChat podcast, Logan Crane, Vice President of Operations for Boll & Branch talks about how the brand has used technology to get a more centric view of the customer journey.  Hear more from Logan in her speaking session at Ecommerce Operations Summit 2019, April 9-11 in Columbus, Ohio.


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