The Cloud Enables Smooth Billing in Subscription Services

| Jean Lawrence

A major shift to “Everything as a Service” gives customers current versions of what they need, when they need it and at a predictable price. Subscription services also help businesses create recurring revenue streams, strengthen customer loyalty and provide differentiated offerings. Learn how cloud-based services are helping power the subscription boom.

Is Your Online Business Ready for a Subscription Model?

| James Gagliardi

Subscriptions aren’t just for digital content anymore. The online subscription model is expanding to embrace a wider range of vertical industries, from consumer electronics to packaged goods. Just about anything that is consumable, repeatable or has a finite lifespan may be a candidate for subscription commerce. Here are 3 key questions every company needs to ask itself now.

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Amazon Price Hike to Have Limited Effect on Subscribers

| Erin Lynch

Amazon announced late last week during its fourth quarter conference call to investors that it was planning on raising its Amazon Prime annual subscription of $79 to potentially $99 or even $119. Even though the increase may seem steep, many experts are saying the move will not hurt business.