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Reclaiming Retargeting in an Economic Downturn

| Edik Mitelman

With the new privacy era and the slow-but-certain abolishment of persistent identifiers, marketers have to figure out how to drive retargeting conversions. In 2023, the key to retargeting and hitting your KPIs still lies in brands’ first-party, user-level data – but not in the way you think it does.

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Facebook Remarketing For Beginners

| Melissa Harmon

Facebook remarketing can be effective as your audience already knows you or your brand. With this prior knowledge, you can run ads that show what they want, like the stuff left in their shopping cart. And as you’ll know later on, you can use retargeting on Facebook to recapture your audience’s attention.

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The How and Why of Facebook Dynamic Ads

| Burkhard Berger

Facebook is constantly expanding its advertising offerings by creating new features to help advertisers get the most out of the platform. One such feature is Facebook dynamic ads. So, what are they and how do they work? And why you need them to help you meet your marketing goals? Here’s how they work and how you benefit.

6 Effective Digital Strategies to Boost Conversion Rates

| Bart Mroz

Before the Internet even existed, retailers relied on an assortment of strategies and market intelligence tactics to boost sales—including promotions, direct mail, catalogs, window displays, focus groups, surveys, and ads. Here are six effective strategies to enhance your conversion rates.

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Tealium Raises $96M, Hitting Unicorn Status

| Mike O'Brien

Tealium, a provider of data orchestration software, has raised $96 million in a new funding round, landing the company in the unicorn territory of a $1.2 billion valuation as it looks to accelerate its product development, customer and sales teams. The total raised to date is $231 million.

Don’t Lose Your Customer Because Your Retargeting is Bad

| Tim Parry

Retargeting is a great way to stay top of your customer’s mind. But bad retargeting restrains the relationship you have with your customer. Here’s a look at how one licensed sports apparel seller isn’t in sync with its customer or its inventory, and three things merchants can do to get retargeting done right.

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5 Steps to Creating and Implementing Your Brand Voice

| Sergio Arboledas

Your brand voice is an essential part of how your customers and clients perceive you. How are you sharing your brand voice with your customers and is it working to your advantage? Here are five steps to begin implementing and creating your brand voice.